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  1. If the author of Hebrews did not believe in eternal security, we can only assume that he would be consistent in his view throughout his epistle. That is, he would not say one thing in one part of his letter and something else later on. A person cannot believe in eternal security and disbelieve it […]

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  2. “Hello, my name’s Mindy Patterson.” “I’m Crystal Jeffrey. My daughter, Narissa, and I took Jazzy to the mall on Tuesday after school. She’s a wonderful girl.” “Thank you, Crystal,” Mindy replied politely. ‘It’s nice to meet you.” Mindy glanced at her daughter and noted that Jazzy’s normally rosy cheeks had turned pale and her face […]

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  3. ‘Jazzy, you look hot! And I love your hair!” Narissa tapped her friend’s arm. ‘Let’s hang out at the mall after school. My mom will pick us up. Wait for me.” ‘Okay, I’ll meet you on the steps outside the main entrance.” Jazzy called her mother on her cell phone and asked if she could […]

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  4. Just last night, in our town, a young teen boy died in a boating accident on a local lake. I didn’t know him, and he didn’t go to our church, but many of the youth in our church did know him and were fairly close to him. As I heard the news late last night, […]

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  5. “Ariel, I overheard one of the other servant girls talking about the queen,” Shiana remarked. “She said the queen is the bravest person in the whole kingdom. Is that true?” “Yes, it is,” Ariel responded. “You came to the palace only recently, so you don’t know the story of her amazing bravery.” “Would you please […]

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