About Us

We are the church of Jesus Christ

  1.  We enjoy fellowshipping with the whole Body of Christ in Word.
  2. We are Pentecostals with a works attitude…believing in God the Father, God the Son and God the Holy Spirit.
  3. We created this site to help in the saving of the pre-born babies in the womb, believing that life begins at conception. We want to educate the masses about the demonic holocaust of abortion.
  4. We promote family and family values, believing that marriage is between one man and one woman following God’s plan to be fruitful and multiply.

* God is love and love is about forgetting the past.....therefore, the Critical Race Theory (CRT) is very ungodly. There is only one race of people on earth. If you are a Bible believing Christian, we all came from Adam and Eve. The Book of Genesis makes that very clear.

We are The Church....not the Black church, not a mixed church, not a White church....but The  Church of God where we love life from the cradle to the grave. We will not allow non-Christians to tell us what to believe about our Lord and Savior and His Word!

God is Love!

Pastors Sam & Yvonne Bailey